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Shadow Warrior Week / Tech Expo 2022

Current update as of 30 July 2022.


Below you will find several files with the information for the SWA Tech Expo this year. These are our letter to the Vendors who support us, the application to fill out and return, a quick reference handout for the week of the EXPO, and the current booth plan. Most of the booths are already claimed and paid for from when we had to cancel the show in March 2020 due to COVID. There are only a few left. Please refer to the booth plan, if your company is listed on it then you are paid up and have your booth. If you are not shown on the booth plan, then you are not paid up. Several companies asked for refunds, others hadn't paid prior to the show cancelling in 2020 or their payment was not processed before the March 2020 cancellation. If you feel there is an error, please contact Jim Simson the treasurer and cc me.

The second page of the application has information about set up/tear down, shipping etc.

NOTE: We are still looking for golf 

sponsorships/teams and snack sponsorships. The snack signs are right by the coffee for the USASOC C4I conference and are seen by everyone.

We appreciate your patience. We are volunteers with full time jobs and have been slammed as things opened up after COVID and our responses haven't always been fast. I'll be monitoring this account daily from now until after the EXPO.

Also, a lot of people have turned over the last few years, if we have people listed that are no longer with you please let us know. I recommend that the companies that have paid up touch base with Jim or I just to ensure we are in sync.



COL (RET) John McLaughlin

SWA Vice President, Industry Outreach


Vendor Letter 2022

Application 2022

Agenda 2022

Booth Layout 2022

See if you might be interested in joining SWA by checking out our goals and mission.

112th Signal Battalion (SO)(A)

 Family Organization Day 

Thursday, 11 August 2022

If you are interested in attending please email John McLaughin for details:

[email protected]


Warrior Association

Penetra Le Tenebre

Dedicated to current and former members of the 112th Signal Battalion (Special Operations, Airborne), the Shadow Warrior Association (SWA) is a nonprofit, private organization created to honor the history and legacy of the 112th Signal Battalion.

Located on Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the SWA accomplishes its charter by providing educational scholarships to both 112th Soldiers and the children of 112th Soldiers, providing recognition to outstanding members of the signal community, and by ensuring the future prosperity of the 112th Signal Battalion.   

SWA Reunion

Northern Virginia Area

Saturday, 27 August 2022

5:00 PM - UTC

The 112th Signal Battalion Shadow Warrior Association is planning a reunion in the Northern Virginia area.  Colonel (Ret) Howie and Maria Cohen’s are hosting the event at their house on Sat​urday, August 27th, 2022. If you are interested in attending, please e-mail: 

[email protected]

Benefits of SWA Membership:

  • Part of a brotherhood establishing bonds of friendship that last a lifetime.
  • The SWA is an organization that will work for the unit and its members.
  • "Life After the Army" membership in SWA can assist you in networking within the Special Operations Signal community.
  • Receive the SWA newsletter
  • Keep track of fellow unit veterans.
Interested? Click here to request an application form.

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